Neolacta Background

NeoLacta Lifesciences is the only company in India and Asia that has developed 100% breast milk products.

Breast milk products have been shown in numerous clinical trials to save the lives of premature babies (defined as any baby with a Gestational age < 37 weeks) and low birth weight babies (< 2500g) and provide an alternative for low / non-lactating mothers.

Whilst a new product and concept in India, there are 2 companies that have been doing in the United States

The promotors of NeoLacta Lifesciences have developed this technology in Australia. They have previously supplied their Human Breast Milk Processing equipment to setup the first breast milk bank in Perth, Western Australia, called the PREM Milk bank at the King Edward Memorial Hospital.

  • Our process complies with the key Global guidelines from:
  • IAP (Indian Association of Paediatrics, Infant and Young Child Feeding)
  • HMBANA (Human Milk Banking Association of North America)

Links to some key research materials:

Is your baby premature?

  • 'Preterm birth accounts for 35% of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) mortality in India'
  • 'They need special nutrition and care than full-term babies'
  • Rate of incidence of preterm has been growing
  • India ranks #1 in the world with 3.5 million cases of preterm births
  • In a recent study, only 30% of such mothers were able to supply 100% of breast milk for their extremely premature infants’ needs.

International recommendations:

International recommendations

Benefits of Breast Milk

Benefits of Breast Milk
Does processing (through pasteurization) lead to a loss of nutrients?

The benefits of Pasteurised Human Breast Milk are striking when compared to Infant Formula

Pasteurised Breast Milk